Meet Medig, the team providing Your Road to Recovery®

We know what you’re experiencing because we’ve been injured in a car wreck, too.

Most medical providers haven’t experienced what their patients are dealing with, especially with something as difficult as an accident injury.

There’s so much more to recovery than just physical recovery; you need someone who understands how to help you recover on your journey.

We know how to help you because we’ve been there. In 1997, our founders, Dr. Adrian and Sue Lewis, were involved in a serious automobile accident. Traveling at 70 miles per hour on the interstate, their vehicle was suddenly forced off, causing them to fly 80 feet in the air and crash into a concrete ditch.

Their recovery experience showed how car accident injuries create havoc in someone’s life. The physical injuries, emotional trauma, lost work, transportation challenges, and seemingly endless paperwork are overwhelming. They knew a better solution was needed for people struggling to recover from their injuries, yet no such option existed.

That’s why, in 2003, they opened Medig, a practice focused solely on serving patients with vehicle-related injuries. Since opening, Medig providers have seen more than 12,000 patients across Florida. But our founders aren’t the only ones who know the pain of car accident injuries; many of our staff are former patients, too. They know what you’re experiencing and go the extra mile to provide unparalleled service and care.

About our company

Mission statement

We are a dedicated team of healthcare professionals and support staff who passionately provides exceptional care to patients in auto accidents.


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